Living in Groningen

Cultural life in Groningen

Groninger Museum

The Groninger Museum is a museum in the city of Groningen and one of the most attractive activities. Yearly around 200.000 visitors come to the museum.

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Walking across the tidal flats of the Waddenzee

Mudflat hiking is a recreation enjoyed by Dutch, Germans, Danes, and others in the Netherlands, northwest Germany and in Denmark. Mudflat hikers are people who, with the aid of a tide table, use a period of low water to walk and wade on the watershed of the mudflats, especially from the Frisian mainland coast to the Frisian islands. The Wadden Sea, a belt of the North Sea, is well suited to this traditional practice. Belts of this shallow sea lie off the mainland of the Netherlands, between Friesland and the Frisian Islands; off the coast of northwestern Germany; and off the coast of southwest Jutland in Denmark.

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Life in Groningen


Noorderplantsoen is an urban public park in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands, situated slightly north of the city center. Its name is Dutch for northern public garden.

Kromme Elleboog

The 'Kromme Elleboog' is a medieval street and consists of the 'Grote' and the 'Kleine Kromme Elleboog'. The 'Grote Kromme Elleboog' starts at the corner of the 'Stoeldraaierstraat/ Zwanestraat', runs into the 'Kleine Kromme Elleboog' and ends in the 'Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat'. This street has several nice exclusive boutiques and restaurants.

International schools

GSV in Helpman

The Groningse Schoolvereniging is a unique school for the North of the Netherlands. It provides tailor-made education for children within its International Department, Bilingual Department and Gifted Department. This diversity creates endless opportunities for the students to develop a global attitude and perspective, especially through their experiences and interactions with international pupils and their Dutch peers. The GSV is a very special school with a broad educational basis. The educational provision is not based on any religious persuasion or political view. The school is one of the ‘DIPS’ schools (Dutch International Primary Schools), together with other schools in the Netherlands which have an international department.

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The International School Groningen serves the needs of the International Community in the north of the Netherlands. Situated close to the city of Groningen the school is easily accessible by road and public transport. Through the International Baccalaureate Organisation the school provides high quality English language education in a pleasant, secure and stimulating environment to students aged from 11 to 18.

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International Welcome Center North

International Welcome Centre

The International Welcome Center North (IWCN) is a one-stop shop for international people living in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. We offer services in three areas: government formalities (residence permits and municipal registration); information (practical information and referrals to reliable service providers); and events (a chance to start building a social and/or business network during events). All of this happens at one location, and we are open five days per week from 10:00 to 17:00

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